Recitalbox mit dreamlike resonance for guitars 
The only acoustic resonance and vibration dedamping appliance for guitar worldwide

References for Recitalbox
References for Recitalbox

Yvonne Timoianu uses Recitalbox another word for RECITALBOX?
The MAGIC-BOX...! What else?

How else could I describe the secret little "something" that works like thousand resonance-strings (with the difference that one does not have to tune all of them before performing!), and is turning so easily and clearly much more of my musical thoughts into reality, without changing any of the "true colours" of my cello's sound?

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Carlos Bonell"I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on this excellent invention which really enhanced the sound of my guitar when I used it in concert in Venezuela shortly after being shown it."

Carlos Bonell, London
Univ.-Prof. Wolfgang Gutmann"My first encounter with "Recitalbox", the new reverberation tuner for guitar was impressive. I was astonished by the effect of this equipment."

Univ.-Professor Wolfgang Gutmann, Professor for Guitar, University Mozarteum

Eva Maria Mitter award Accordion Recitalbox for Bajan, Akkordeon too!
Trying out the Recitalbox also paid off with my instrument. Although developed for stringed and plucked instruments, the Recitalbox achieves a distinct improvement of the sound with the Bajan too. Playing in dry rooms is a big pleasure for me now. It also makes the problem of registration between right and left hand much easier.I just recommend the Recitalbox to anyone!

Eva Maria Mitter
Preisträgerin / VAMÖ Accordion
Competition, Vienna – Austria

"This new invention is simply very promising to me. It provides new sound possibilities, which would be very useful in practice and on stage"

O.Prof.Eliot Fisk
Guitar Virtuose
Professor for Guitar, University Mozarteum

This invention, Acoustic Resonance Appliance “RECITALBOX” is certainly very interesting for acoustic guitars.

Hopkinson Smith
vihuela, Renaissance lute,
theorbo, Renaissance and
baroque guitars and the
baroque lute

Professor at the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis.
I would like to thank the inventor for the invention of the Recitalbox.

The Recitalbox enriches the sound and the tone-color possibilities of the guitar and helps us make music with even more love and attention.

Hakob Diagatspanian
Professor for Guitar at the Komitas Conservatory of Yerevan, Armenia |

Augustin Wiedermann"Recitalbox" gives one the feeling of playing in a church without the help of electronics. In "dry" rooms is the effect outstanding. ... RECITALBOX means also a greater motivation for music students and others."

Augustin Wiedermann

Professor Horst Hesse"With "Recitalbox" the guitar obtains a fuller and better carrying tone that requires less effort while playing"

Univ.-Prof. Horst Hesse
Professor for Acoustic, University Mozarteum

Guenther Berger with Mexikan Bass Guitar"Because of its simplicity ,,Recitalbox" is a highly remarkable invention. With ,,Recitalbox" all notes obtain fully equal, symmetric and very good resonance. The beautiful sound remindsof the magical brilliance of Segovia's recordings"

Günther Berger,
Fachgruppenleiter Zupfinstrumente
Landesmusikschulwerk Oberösterreich

Professor Martin KelnerThrough the generation of a natural reverberation effect, the sound of the guitar becomes deeper and the usual short sustain of the acoustic guitar gets even longer. RECITALBOX brings more enjoyment in playing.

Univ.Prof. Martin Kelner
Professor for Guitar / Popularmusic - Flamenco, Jazz, Univ. for Music and performing Arts Vienna |

"The tone obtains a round character and the simple way of fixing it on to the guitar is an important aspect"

Univ.-Prof. Robert Wolff
Professor for Guitar

Yutaro NAGAOFlamenco Guitarist Yutaro NAGAO - Japan

"Wherever it is, the guitar with Recitalbox can sound with natural reverberation and make carrying tones without special effort. This is what provides me more range of expression."

Yutaro NAGAO

Ruggiero Ricci"Recitalbox" is certainly an interesting and worthwhile improvement for the guitar. The sound is greatly enhanced, adding strength and resonance."

Ruggiero Ricci
Violin Virtuose

Udo KamjunkeDear Mr. Avakian,

I have been using your invention “Recital Pick-Up Model-F” on my Indian Sitar and it is, after everything else that I tried, with distance the best! Thank you.

Now I also bought the Wireless Pick-Up Set for my guitar and again I feel very satisfied with it. I know so far nothing that is better and above all nothing that in the price is comparably reasonable.

As you can see on my homepage: I frequently use your inventions (Recitalbox and the Recital Pick-Ups) and I am absolutely satisfied with them. Great!

Udo Kamjunke

Udo Kamjunke

Antonio Andrade Antonio Andrade

I am very satisfied with the Recitalbox because it helps me out  in times when Sound Engineers believe that a Flamenco Guitar needs no Reverb. For me, the Reverb of a Guitar is like a Medium, a pathway that unifies listeners, instrument and performers in such a magical and inexplicable way. Therefore, I feel very thankful for being able to reach this possibility with the help of the Recitalbox in an acoustic and natural way.

I am fascinated, many thanks Vanik !
Antonio Andrade

"This equipment was a positive surprise to me. Our guitarists will now have charming new possibilities."

Univ.-Prof. Matthias Seidel
Chairman Institute for string-instruments, Univ. Mozarteum

" The Instrument sounds full in volume and homogeneous and certain secondary noises, which often cause the guitarists lots of worries, disappear or become hardly audible".

Univ.-Prof. Jorge Rotter
Conductor, Univ. Mozarteum