Recitalbox mit dreamlike resonance for guitars 
The only acoustic resonance and vibration dedamping appliance for guitar worldwide

Another name for RECITALBOX?
Another name for RECITALBOX?

Yvonne Timoianu uses the Recitalbox

The MAGIC-BOX...! What else?

How else could I describe the secret little "something" that works like thousand resonance-strings (with the difference that one does not have to tune all of them before performing!), and is turning so easily and clearly much more of my musical thoughts into reality, without changing any of the "true colours" of my cello's sound?

When using the RECITALBOX, my solo pieces get all of that extra-kick that makes it exciting to experiment new sound effects, the series of chords get some sort of orchestral dimensions, the involved, dramatic passages start to "glow" and the whole range of sonorities, typical for the contemporary works get beyond all limits!

On the other hand, performing baroque repertoire becomes, with the help of the RECITALBOX, a joy in itself, because even playing an open-air concert, the produced sonorities will remind the acoustic of the most beautiful gothic cathedral...

Unlike other magic toys of our time, the RECITALBOX does not even need....electricity!

There is only one problem with the RECITALBOX: One has to take the real challange and have the guts to use it!

I deffinitely do that, and it "celloes - up" my music!

Yvonne Timoianu
Concert Cellist