Recitalbox mit dreamlike resonance for guitars 
The only acoustic resonance and vibration dedamping appliance for guitar worldwide

Recitalbox generates the echo in your guitar

Gitarre mit Recitalbox

A worldwide novelty for guitar. After intensive research and long development, "RECITALBOX" has been successfully tested and used by students, famous guitar masters, well known music professors and acoustics specialists.

The RECITALBOX gives guitars a warmer, longer and continuous tone. Musical effects such as glissando, legato, pizzicato, trill, staccato and percussion tones sound better and easier to manage with RECITALBOX.

The sound of the guitar is pure and rich in overtones in all keys and positions. Student's guitars sound like concert guitars and difficult works are played effortlessly.

"RECITALBOX" is also appropriate for musicians who want:

Recitalbox Daempfungsfunktion
Recitalbox Daempfungsfunktion
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To enjoy practicing more to tune their musical ears fine to play duos and trios with other instruments.