Recitalbox mit dreamlike resonance for guitars 
The only acoustic resonance and vibration dedamping appliance for guitar worldwide


Recitalbox increases the oscillation level of your guitar with the time

Through the usage of Recitalbox the guitars ( the cheep, as well as the expensive types) develop by-and-by an unbelievable great sound .

Through the vibrations that Recitalbox sends and receives, caused by the movements in its surroundings, the wood-cells of the guitar are kept in sustained movement, "alive", even if you just keep it mounted on the guitar without playing with it (like, for example, tuned guitars in shops).

If you keep the Recitalbox for, let's say, one year on your guitar and remove it again, you will make an amazing discovery: the quality of the sound of your guitar and its sustain have developed.

The longer you use Recitalbox, the better the quality of the sound. We are talking here about Recitalbox as a "Vibration Dedamper".

Through Recitalbox your guitar is always ready to perform: you can even remove it during your performance and still have a great sound.